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Why SBSZOO.com?

Have you ever tried to come up with a domain name that even remotely relates to yourself or what you may want to develop a web site for that is even somewhat short AND not already registered or reserved?

Just try sometime!

Having an amateur radio call sign is convenient for an email address, etc. because, unlike personal names, it is fairly unique so unlikely that someone else has already used that particular combination of letters and numbers. I could have simply chosen VE6SBS.COM for a domain name, but I wanted something relative to more than just my amateur radio hobby.

SBS originated from my amateur radio VE6SBS call sign and
was also appropriate for a Sylvia & Barry Sloan web site domain address.

ZOO came from the fact that we often hear our home is "like a Zoo",
because Sylvia and I often refer to our home as "the Sloan Zoo" and
because parents have told us that their children often ask if they can
"go to Auntie's and Visit The ZOO".

I recently observed 4 birds, 2 rabbits, 6 guinea pigs, a dog, a fish and a hedge hog. There have also been hamsters, cats and depending upon the day and time, any number of children may also be present. What's with all the children, you ask? It started when our two children began school and my wife decided to help another couple by caring for their children while they were at work. These children soon started school and only required care for a short period before and after school each day, so my wife began helping another couple and the cycle started over. As each child grew up and no longer required care, another child was always ready to take their place. So in addition to the animals, several children may be found at the zoo most days with more just before and after school when one time, I counted as many as 14!.

The animals began arriving shortly after my wife and I were married..........

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Zoo Photo Collage

{ "Click" on animal images to hear what many of them have to say. }

Cats: Misty and Patches

Cock-a-Poo: Blackie

Hamsters: Nuzzle and Speedy
Rabbit: Dusty, Guinea Pig: Patches and Tropical Fish

Click to hear my song


Cockatiel: Pretty Boy

Click to hear us

Brady and Sweet Pea


Click to hear us pigs

Guinea Pig

Click to hear us pigs

Guinea Pig


Don't Click me - I don't make any noise

Hedge Hog


Click to hear us pigs

Guinea Pig

Click to hear us pigs

Guinea Pig


Don't Click Me - I never made any noise



Click to hear us

Love Birds
Peaches and Cream


Don't Click Me - I never made any noise



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Guinea Pigs
Sugar and Spice



Guinea Pig

Click to hear us pigs

Guinea Pig


Click to hear me

Cocker / Springer Spaniel


Click to hear me



Click later - I have not been recorded yet

Belgian Sheepdog



Guinea Pig


Guinea Pig





Latest Addition - November 18, 2002

Cocker Spaniel


I'm sure I know this saga will continue . . . . . .  only time will tell when, and what next,

my wife or daughter finds we find or finds us!

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